Who we are

We are a manufacturing company of high quality products from thermo treated wood of different Russian species. With the help of modern technologies, we want to expand application of traditional wooden building materials used to provide a modern level of comfort and environmental cleanliness of materials.

What we do

Our company’s product is modern ecologically clean material.

In our products we use such species as Pine, Aspen and Birch.

This is natural wood that have been treated with high temperature of more than 185°C. As a result of such impacts, the hardness and stability of geometric dimensions of the wood increase, substances serving as a nutrient for the formation of fungus and mold are destroyed (Wood resins and Hemicellulose are nutrient for the development of decay processes). Wood acquires a uniform deep color (from milk to almost black like chocolate), the natural pattern becomes more pronounced.

Quality of our wood

Durability: the lifetime of products from thermo treated wood multiplies in relation to the ordinary wood. 

Hydrophobicity and geometric stability: wood is resistant to moisture absorption and stable in dimension that makes it possible to use it indoors and outside at high humidity and direct contact with water.

Aesthetic appearance: a beautiful structure that is highly competitive with exotic wood species,

Ecological cleanliness: natural timber without chemicals.

Where it can be used

Application field of thermo treated wood is quite wide: from souvenir products to load-bearing beams in wooden structures. For our company the main directions are:

Exterior decoration: buildings facades, decking, gazebos and elements of landscape design suburban construction.

Interior decoration: decoration inside wet rooms (baths, saunas, swimming pools). Flooring in different rooms.

Outside furniture: tables, benches, chairs, etc.

Interior and design items.