Production of thermo treated wood

The thermo treated wood is a fairly new product on the Russian market. However, the first technology for heat treatment of wood was created in Finland about 16 years ago. To date due to its consumer performance products from thermo treated wood dominate the market of EU countries.

СhocoWood is a manufacturer of high-quality thermo treated timber from various species of Russian wood. The name of the brand is formed by a combination of English words chocolate and wood. This name underlines the exceptional properties of the thermo treated wood produced in our company: color uniformity, environmental friendliness and belonging to the premium segment of the market.

Our mission is to change the use of traditional wood in areas where it is economically and environmentally legit. The well-established production of a thermo treated wood which has an incomparably long lifespan will reduce the consumption of common wood in construction and decoration significantly.

Domestic production

Our production uses exclusively best CERTIFIED materials (grade 0) thet we personally manufacture or choose for you at sawmills of different regions in the country. Thermal and further processing of the product is performed with the help of imported equipment. We care about our products throughout the production cycle. We do not hide behind the backs of faceless suppliers and proudly present our own product.

Modern technologies

The technology of thermal processing of the wood does not involve any chemical substances. Thanks to this we are proud to present a 100% environmentally friendly product that will not cause any harm to you or your family.

As you can see from the picture the structure of thermo treated wood is very similar to 350-years tree growing in natural environment.

Environmentally friendly material

Thermo treated wood produced at our own enterprise and supplied under the brand of ChocoWood, meets the highest world standards. Thermo treated wood is manufactured using technology that uses only water and electricity. Such production conditions allow to minimise harmful emissions to the environment.

Quality and durability

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are ready to provide a lifetime warranty for the thermo flooring and other products that we sell. In addition, our specialists are always ready to help you with the choice of thermo treated timber for your purposes, measurement, as well as assembly and installation.